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Voice Lessons - Abigail offers voice lessons online and in person. She focuses her teaching on classical technique while teaching mainly classical and musical theatre repertoire. Abigail is pleased to have helped her students achieve their goals including entry into music programs at the collegiate level. For scheduling and pricing, please see the contact page. 

Coaching - In a coaching, Abigail works with students to help them more clearly communicate the story they are trying to tell. She is happy to coach songs or monologues.

Weddings, Services, and Concerts - Performance is Abigail's passion. For information about availability, please fill out the form on the contact page. 

Quotes from Students:

"Having worked with Abigail for a semester, I learned so much about finding confidence in my voice and adapting techniques that allow me to project and sing in ways that I didn’t know I was capable of! She is an incredible teacher and used my personal experiences and interests to develop the concepts she was teaching. Beyond her own natural gift for singing, I am grateful for Abigail’s guidance and commitment to the continued growth of my [voice]."  

-Olivia B.

"I took beginner voice lessons with Abigail for two semesters and I had a wonderful experience. Abigail is a patient, encouraging, and inspiring teacher. She has been instrumental in helping me find my voice, my confidence, and my passion for singing!” 

-Audrey R.

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